Funk 45s

Smoke Sugar Company

Artist: Smoke Sugar Company

Title: Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day / Doin' It

Price: £75.00

Society Inc

Artist: Society Inc

Title: Society

Price: £60.00

Soul Chargers Featuring James Fountain

Artist: Soul Chargers Featuring James Fountain

Title: Soul Charge

Price: £100.00

Soul Generals

Artist: Soul Generals

Title: Grandma's Funky Pop Corn

Price: £100.00

Soul Investigators

Artist: Soul Investigators

Title: Make It Mellow

Price: £20.00

Soul Stars

Artist: Soul Stars

Title: Soul Strut

Price: £75.00

Soul Tornado's

Artist: Soul Tornado's

Title: Crazy Legs

Price: £80.00


Artist: Soulsetter's

Title: Can You Dig It

Price: £50.00

Willard Burton & The Funky Four

Artist: Willard Burton & The Funky Four

Title: Funky In Here

Price: £40.00

Willie & The Mighty Magnificents

Artist: Willie & The Mighty Magnificents

Title: Funky 8 Corners

Price: £40.00

Willie Welch's Band

Artist: Willie Welch's Band

Title: What's Ever Fair

Price: £60.00


Artist: Xplosions

Title: Tell Me Face To Face

Price: £40.00

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