Funk 45s

Joe & The Fantastics

Artist: Joe & The Fantastics

Title: Chicken Chicken

Price: £75.00

Joe Bataan

Artist: Joe Bataan

Title: Latin Strut

Price: £50.00

King George & The Fabulous Souls

Artist: King George & The Fabulous Souls

Title: Baby I've Got It

Price: £90.00

Marva Whitney

Artist: Marva Whitney

Title: This Girl's In Love With You / He's The One

Price: £30.00

Marvin Holmes

Artist: Marvin Holmes

Title: Early Bird

Price: £30.00

McKinley Sandifer

Artist: McKinley Sandifer

Title: Get Up (If You Want To Be Somebody)

Price: £60.00


Artist: Plair

Title: Brother Man On The Corner

Price: £75.00


Artist: Progressors

Title: The Brothers Under Pressure

Price: £40.00


Artist: Ramp

Title: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Price: £60.00

Ruby Andrews

Artist: Ruby Andrews

Title: Let's Get A Groove Going On

Price: £75.00

Rusty Bryant

Artist: Rusty Bryant

Title: Fire Eater

Price: £40.00

Shelley Fisher

Artist: Shelley Fisher

Title: I'll Leave You (Girl)

Price: £125.00

Sir Guy

Artist: Sir Guy

Title: The Fricky Fog

Price: £40.00

Smoke Sugar Company

Artist: Smoke Sugar Company

Title: Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day / Doin' It

Price: £75.00

Society Inc

Artist: Society Inc

Title: Society

Price: £60.00

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