Funk 45s

100% Pure Poison

Artist: 100% Pure Poison

Title: Do Whatcha Do

Price: £100.00

Al Gardner

Artist: Al Gardner

Title: Sweet Baby

Price: £75.00

All The People

Artist: All The People

Title: Cramp Your Style

Price: £100.00

Ann Sexton

Artist: Ann Sexton

Title: Sugar Daddy

Price: £25.00

Arelean Brown

Artist: Arelean Brown

Title: I Broken Many Heart

Price: £40.00

Arlean Brown

Artist: Arlean Brown

Title: Impeach Me Baby

Price: £25.00

Backyard Heavies

Artist: Backyard Heavies

Title: Chitlin' Strut

Price: £75.00

Beau Dollar

Artist: Beau Dollar

Title: Who Knows

Price: £90.00


Artist: Believers

Title: Across The Track

Price: £20.00

Billy Guy & The Coasters

Artist: Billy Guy & The Coasters

Title: Take It Easy Greazy

Price: £25.00

Blenders / Eddie Silvers & Constellations

Artist: Blenders / Eddie Silvers & Constellations

Title: Tale Of Sadness / Funky Fun In The Ghetto

Price: £120.00

Chocolate City Connection

Artist: Chocolate City Connection

Title: Take The Music To The Party

Price: £100.00

Clarence Yarbrough

Artist: Clarence Yarbrough

Title: Give Me Some Slack / That's What You Do To Me

Price: £75.00

Cold Blood

Artist: Cold Blood

Title: I'm A Good Woman

Price: £100.00


Artist: Creators

Title: Shauna's Theme

Price: £50.00

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