70s Soul 45s


Artist: Committee

Title: Give In To The Power Of Love

Price: £80.00


Artist: Composers

Title: Let's Get To The Point

Price: £50.00

Concept Nine

Artist: Concept Nine

Title: When

Price: £30.00

Cool Sounds

Artist: Cool Sounds

Title: Who Can I Turn To (Where Can I Go)

Price: £50.00


Artist: Cortez

Title: Girl I Been Watching You

Price: £20.00

Cortez Greer

Artist: Cortez Greer

Title: Very Strong On You

Price: £50.00


Artist: Cory

Title: Take It Or Leave It

Price: £25.00


Artist: Creators

Title: I Can't Believe It's True

Price: £200.00

Cross Fire

Artist: Cross Fire

Title: Take Me Back

Price: £40.00

Curt Darin

Artist: Curt Darin

Title: Two On A Cloud

Price: £65.00

Curtis Mayfield

Artist: Curtis Mayfield

Title: Move On Up

Price: £75.00

Daddy Maxfield

Artist: Daddy Maxfield

Title: I've Always Been In Love With You

Price: £150.00

Dale Darby

Artist: Dale Darby

Title: Let's Got It Together

Price: £75.00


Artist: Darby

Title: Sexy Lady

Price: £200.00

Darwin's Theory

Artist: Darwin's Theory

Title: Accept The Truth (About Yourself)

Price: £150.00

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