70s Soul 45s

Bottle Topps

Artist: Bottle Topps

Title: Ain't Love Trouble

Price: £50.00

Brewster Crew

Artist: Brewster Crew

Title: I'm The One Who Know

Price: £85.00


Artist: Brothers

Title: Are You Ready For This

Price: £25.00

Brothers By Choice

Artist: Brothers By Choice

Title: She Puts The Ease Back Into Easy


Brothers Scott & Co Band

Artist: Brothers Scott & Co Band

Title: Looking Into The Future

Price: £50.00

Brothers Sisters & Cousins

Artist: Brothers Sisters & Cousins

Title: Smoke Stream

Price: £20.00

Brown Sugar

Artist: Brown Sugar

Title: The Game Is Over

Price: £60.00

Brown Sugar Band

Artist: Brown Sugar Band

Title: Night Time Lady

Price: £50.00

Bubba Lou

Artist: Bubba Lou

Title: Over You

Price: £15.00

Buckeye Politicians

Artist: Buckeye Politicians

Title: Girl I Could Love You More

Price: £40.00

Buddy Causey

Artist: Buddy Causey

Title: There's A Way

Price: £100.00

Butch & The Newports

Artist: Butch & The Newports

Title: I'm Only A Man

Price: £150.00

C T & The Record Band

Artist: C T & The Record Band

Title: With You


Cal Brandon

Artist: Cal Brandon

Title: I Kept On Smilin' / 24 Hour Love Man

Price: £60.00

California Executives

Artist: California Executives

Title: I Don't Know Why

Price: £20.00

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