70s Soul 45s


Artist: Artistics

Title: It's Those Little Things That Count

Price: £25.00


Artist: Attractions

Title: Mama's Baby

Price: £20.00

Azie Mortimer

Artist: Azie Mortimer

Title: Telling A Lie

Price: £75.00

Backyard Construction

Artist: Backyard Construction

Title: I Want Your Lovin'

Price: £250.00


Artist: Ballads

Title: Butterfly

Price: £50.00


Artist: Ballads

Title: Three Times / Your Love

Price: £75.00

Barbara Hall

Artist: Barbara Hall

Title: You Brought It On Yourself

Price: £50.00

Barbara Mason & The Futures

Artist: Barbara Mason & The Futures

Title: Make It Last

Price: £20.00

Barrett Strong

Artist: Barrett Strong

Title: Is It True

Price: £40.00

Basic Black & Pearl

Artist: Basic Black & Pearl

Title: There'll Come A Time There'll Come A Day

Price: £50.00


Artist: Bataan

Title: Woman Don't Want To Love Me

Price: £30.00

Bean Brothers

Artist: Bean Brothers

Title: Without You

Price: £50.00


Artist: Bears

Title: Put A Little Love In Your Heart


Ben E King

Artist: Ben E King

Title: Smooth Sailing

Price: £45.00

Betty Everett

Artist: Betty Everett

Title: My Love To Lean On

Price: £75.00

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