60s Soul 45s


Artist: COD's

Title: I'm Looking Out For Me / I'll Come Running Back To You


Cody Black

Artist: Cody Black

Title: I Am Particular / I Will Give You Love

Price: £125.00


Artist: Compliments

Title: Beware Beware

Price: £60.00

Connie McGill & The Visions

Artist: Connie McGill & The Visions

Title: I Could Never Love Another

Price: £30.00


Artist: Creations

Title: Just Remember Me

Price: £70.00

Dan Folger

Artist: Dan Folger

Title: The Way Of The Crowd


Danny Woods

Artist: Danny Woods

Title: I Want To Thank You

Price: £85.00

Darrell Banks

Artist: Darrell Banks

Title: Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You

Price: £60.00

Darrell Banks

Artist: Darrell Banks

Title: The Love Of My Woman

Price: £40.00


Artist: Darrells

Title: So Tenderly

Price: £50.00

Darrow Fletcher

Artist: Darrow Fletcher

Title: What Have I Got Now

Price: £125.00

Dave Love

Artist: Dave Love

Title: Colalined Baby

Price: £20.00

Dean Barlow

Artist: Dean Barlow

Title: Third Window From The Right

Price: £150.00

Dean Scott

Artist: Dean Scott

Title: Gotta Have Losers Too

Price: £25.00

Debbie Dean

Artist: Debbie Dean

Title: Why Am I Lovin' You

Price: £125.00

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