60s Soul 45s

Carter Brothers

Artist: Carter Brothers

Title: (She's So Fine) So Glad She's Mine

Price: £30.00


Artist: Catalinas

Title: Laughing Through The Tears

Price: £35.00


Artist: Cavaliers

Title: I've Gotta Find Her / I Really Love You

Price: £50.00


Artist: Channels

Title: I've Got My Eyes On You

Price: £30.00

Charles Conrad With Soul Brothers Inc

Artist: Charles Conrad With Soul Brothers Inc

Title: You Got The Love

Price: £30.00

Charles Greene

Artist: Charles Greene

Title: Double E Agent

Price: £50.00

Charles Perry

Artist: Charles Perry

Title: How Can I (Keep From Crying)

Price: £30.00


Artist: Checkmates

Title: Mastered The Art Of Love

Price: £45.00


Artist: Cheers

Title: Take Me To Paradise

Price: £70.00


Artist: Cheers

Title: Two Loves / Never Again

Price: £125.00

Cheryle Thompson

Artist: Cheryle Thompson

Title: Don't Walk Away

Price: £50.00

Cholli Maye

Artist: Cholli Maye

Title: You Will Never Get Away

Price: £40.00

Chris Bernard

Artist: Chris Bernard

Title: Mother

Price: £30.00

Christine Kittrell

Artist: Christine Kittrell

Title: Call His Name

Price: £30.00

Chuck Bennett

Artist: Chuck Bennett

Title: I Went To Your House

Price: £20.00

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