60s Soul 45s

Barbara Mercer

Artist: Barbara Mercer

Title: Call On Me / So Real

Price: £60.00

Barbara Middleton

Artist: Barbara Middleton

Title: Come On Back To Me

Price: £40.00

Bee Gee Stans

Artist: Bee Gee Stans

Title: Front Page Love

Price: £100.00

Ben Zine

Artist: Ben Zine

Title: Village Of Tears

Price: £175.00

Bent Forcep

Artist: Bent Forcep

Title: I Know What Happened To Baby Jane

Price: £60.00

Betty Johnson

Artist: Betty Johnson

Title: It Ain't Supposed To Be That Way

Price: £40.00

Bettye Swann

Artist: Bettye Swann

Title: The Man That Said No

Price: £75.00

Big Joe Turner

Artist: Big Joe Turner

Title: Two Loves Have I

Price: £60.00

Billy Shields

Artist: Billy Shields

Title: I Was A Boy

Price: £30.00

Billy Watson

Artist: Billy Watson

Title: Get Myself Together

Price: £20.00

Blenders / Eddie Silvers & Constellations

Artist: Blenders / Eddie Silvers & Constellations

Title: Tale Of Sadness / Funky Fun In The Ghetto

Price: £120.00

Bo Diddley

Artist: Bo Diddley

Title: I Can Tell

Price: £30.00

Bobby & The Premiers

Artist: Bobby & The Premiers

Title: Gotta Have A Reason

Price: £50.00

Bobby Byrd

Artist: Bobby Byrd

Title: I Found Out

Price: £30.00

Bobby Garrett

Artist: Bobby Garrett

Title: My Little Girl


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