60s Soul 45s

Al Gardner

Artist: Al Gardner

Title: Sweet Baby

Price: £75.00

Al Johnson

Artist: Al Johnson

Title: Love Waits For No Man

Price: £50.00

Al Perkins

Artist: Al Perkins

Title: Yes My Goodness Yes

Price: £20.00

Alcon Shades

Artist: Alcon Shades

Title: All Is Forgiven

Price: £75.00


Artist: Ambassadors

Title: (I've Got To Find) Happiness / I'm So Proud Of My Baby

Price: £40.00

And The Echoes

Artist: And The Echoes

Title: I've Always Wanted Someone Like You / Tell Me Anything

Price: £35.00

Annette Poindexter

Artist: Annette Poindexter

Title: You'll Get It Right Back

Price: £30.00

April May And June

Artist: April May And June

Title: He Went Away

Price: £65.00

April Stevens

Artist: April Stevens

Title: Wanting You

Price: £65.00

Art Grayson

Artist: Art Grayson

Title: Bad Dreams

Price: £40.00


Artist: Artistics

Title: This Heart Of Mine

Price: £125.00


Artist: Artistics

Title: The Chase Is On

Price: £30.00


Artist: Artus

Title: You Are Better

Price: £50.00


Artist: Ascots

Title: Miss Heartbreaker

Price: £30.00


Artist: Attractions

Title: Why Shouldn't A Man Cry

Price: £150.00

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