New Arrivals

Sarah Cooke

Artist: Sarah Cooke

Title: Please Don't Go

Price: £125.00

September Jones / June Jackson & The Jackaels

Artist: September Jones / June Jackson & The Jackaels

Title: You Better Know Why / Port Of Happiness

Price: £50.00

Shirley Ellis

Artist: Shirley Ellis

Title: Soul Time

Price: £50.00


Artist: Spencer

Title: My Baby's Comin' Home

Price: £50.00

Syl Johnson

Artist: Syl Johnson

Title: Do You Know What Love Is

Price: £350.00

Tommy Sands

Artist: Tommy Sands

Title: The Statue

Price: £60.00

Tommy Tate

Artist: Tommy Tate

Title: A Lover's Reward

Price: £120.00


Artist: Tripps

Title: Give It Back / Here Comes Those Heartaches

Price: £75.00

TSU Tornadoes

Artist: TSU Tornadoes

Title: I Still Love You

Price: £60.00

Virgil Henry

Artist: Virgil Henry

Title: You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New

Price: £125.00

Wardell Piper

Artist: Wardell Piper

Title: The Power Of Love

Price: £50.00

Willie & The Mighty Magnificents

Artist: Willie & The Mighty Magnificents

Title: Funky 8 Corners


Windy City

Artist: Windy City

Title: Hey It's Over

Price: £60.00

Z Z & Company

Artist: Z Z & Company

Title: Gettin' Ready For The Getdown

Price: £125.00

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