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Lou Edwards & Today's People

Artist: Lou Edwards & Today's People

Title: Talkin' 'Bout Poor Folks Thinkin' 'Bout My Folks

Price: £150.00

Mack Rice

Artist: Mack Rice

Title: Baby I'm Coming Home

Price: £125.00

Major Harris

Artist: Major Harris

Title: Loving You More

Price: £50.00

Malcolm Hayes

Artist: Malcolm Hayes

Title: Put Your Love To The Test

Price: £125.00

Marlena Shaw

Artist: Marlena Shaw

Title: Let's Wade In The Water

Price: £65.00


Artist: Marriotts

Title: Tell It Like It Is

Price: £60.00


Artist: Marvels

Title: Mr Soft Touch

Price: £60.00


Artist: Mellaa

Title: Free

Price: £50.00

Melvin Davis

Artist: Melvin Davis

Title: You Made Me Over


Oliver Norman

Artist: Oliver Norman

Title: Drowning In My Own Despair

Price: £60.00


Artist: Persionettes

Title: Call On Me

Price: £90.00

Rance Allen Group

Artist: Rance Allen Group

Title: I Know A Man Who


Rick Thompson

Artist: Rick Thompson

Title: What Do I Have To Do

Price: £125.00

Robert John

Artist: Robert John

Title: Raindrops Love And Sunshine


Roger Pace

Artist: Roger Pace

Title: The Minute My Back Was Turned

Price: £100.00

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