New Arrivals

Jimmy Hicks

Artist: Jimmy Hicks

Title: Tell Her That I Love You / I'm Mr Big Stuff

Price: £50.00

Joe Phillips

Artist: Joe Phillips

Title: Can't Help But To Love You / Just Can't Help Thinking About You

Price: £100.00

Johnny Bragg

Artist: Johnny Bragg

Title: They're Talking About Me

Price: £100.00


Artist: Ledgends

Title: Fear Not / Gotta Let You Go

Price: £50.00

Lorenzo Holden

Artist: Lorenzo Holden

Title: The Wig

Price: £120.00

Michael Valvano

Artist: Michael Valvano

Title: For The First Time In My Life

Price: £100.00


Artist: Miracles

Title: Whole Lot Of Shaking In My Heart (Since I Met You)

Price: £25.00

Moody Scott

Artist: Moody Scott

Title: My Lovely Lady

Price: £125.00

Pat Powdrill

Artist: Pat Powdrill

Title: Do It / I Can't Hear You

Price: £200.00

Pete Warner

Artist: Pete Warner

Title: I Just Want To Spend My Life With You

Price: £100.00

Randolph Brown & Company

Artist: Randolph Brown & Company

Title: It Ain't Like It Used To Be

Price: £45.00

Ray Pollard

Artist: Ray Pollard

Title: Lie Lips Lie

Price: £50.00

RDM Band

Artist: RDM Band

Title: How Can I Get In Touch With You / Butter That Popcorn

Price: £125.00

Reuben Howell

Artist: Reuben Howell

Title: You Can't Stop A Man In Love


Sam Moultrie

Artist: Sam Moultrie

Title: I'll Always Love You / Do Your Own Thing


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