New Arrivals

Garland Green

Artist: Garland Green / Junior McCants

Title: Come Through Me / Try Me For Your New Love

Price: £150.00


Artist: Hiroshima

Title: Never Ever

Price: £75.00

Holland Dozier

Artist: Holland Dozier

Title: New Breed Kinda Woman / If You Don't Want To Be In My Life

Price: £45.00

Irma & The Larks

Artist: Irma & The Larks

Title: Without You Baby

Price: £60.00

Jean Battle

Artist: Jean Battle

Title: I've Got To Come In

Price: £80.00

Jimmy Beaumont

Artist: Jimmy Beaumont

Title: You Got Too Much Going For You / I Never Loved Her Anyway

Price: £125.00

Jimmy Helms

Artist: Jimmy Helms

Title: Romeo And Juliet


Jimmy Hughes

Artist: Jimmy Hughes

Title: It Ain't What You Got

Price: £40.00

Jive Fyve

Artist: Jive Fyve

Title: If I Had A Chance To Love You

Price: £60.00

Jo Armstead

Artist: Jo Armstead

Title: A Stone Good Lover

Price: £60.00

Johnny Newbag

Artist: Johnny Newbag

Title: Sweet Thing

Price: £50.00

Jones Brothers

Artist: Jones Brothers

Title: That's All Over baby

Price: £65.00

Larry Saunders

Artist: Larry Saunders

Title: On The Real Side

Price: £125.00

Lawrence Payton

Artist: Lawrence Payton

Title: Tell Me You Love Me

Price: £50.00

Lonnie Hill

Artist: Lonnie Hill

Title: Cold Winter In The Ghetto

Price: £50.00

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