New Arrivals

All The People

Artist: All The People

Title: Cramp Your Style

Price: £100.00

Ann Sexton

Artist: Ann Sexton

Title: You've Been Gone Too Long

Price: £125.00


Artist: Arabians

Title: (Please) Take A Chance On Me

Price: £250.00

Archie Bell

Artist: Archie Bell

Title: Harder And Harder


Barrett Strong

Artist: Barrett Strong

Title: Man Up In The Sky

Price: £35.00

Ben E King

Artist: Ben E King

Title: I Can't Break The News To Myself


Bonnie Herman

Artist: Bonnie Herman

Title: Hush Don't Cry

Price: £250.00

Brown Sugar

Artist: Brown Sugar

Title: The Game Is Over

Price: £60.00


Artist: Cania

Title: Visions

Price: £125.00

Channel 3

Artist: Channel 3

Title: The Sweetest Thing

Price: £150.00

Charles Johnson

Artist: Charles Johnson

Title: Never Had A Love So Good


Charlie Hodges

Artist: Charlie Hodges

Title: Loving You (Is Beautiful)


Chuck Roberson

Artist: Chuck Roberson

Title: I've Got To Have Your Love

Price: £120.00

David Sea

Artist: David Sea

Title: Night After Night

Price: £60.00

Eddie Billups

Artist: Eddie Billups

Title: Shake Off That Dream

Price: £150.00

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